The students of 6th grade of Primary Education work a lot in writing and oral skills with the aim of improving their level of English.


Firstly, they usually prepare one type of writing taking into account some tips for doing it. Then, they expose their writing in front of their classmates to practise their oral skills. To carry out that, they usually make a video to put into practise some contents they have previously learnt in ICT subject.


This time, we have worked the FILM REVIEW.


P.S. We have only published those videos of the students, who by their own decision, will want to appear in our website.   


You can also see this information in our English Blog.


Here you have some samples of those videos prepared by themselves:


  • Working about FILM REVIEWS IN PRIMARY 6th level A…

        Marcos                         Urko                             Adrián


        Gerardo                       Lucía                            Adriana


        Andrea                         Darío                           Ander


        Alex                             Iker                             Saioa


        Nuria                           Julen                             Sofía